Our 24 Hour Mobile Key Replacement Service eliminates hassle, long waits, & towing expenses!

Are you looking to replace or program a car key? Whether you need a locksmith in Medford, locksmith in Salem, locksmith Bend, please do not hesitate to call J & L Pacific Lock & Key for 24 hour car key service. Please remember that all of our metros include their surrounding suburbs! Call 1 (888) 257-9603 at your earliest convenience for 24 hour mobile locksmith service in your area.


J & L Pacific Lock & Key offers expert automotive locksmith service. Call for lockouts, new keys, ignition service, and more 24 hours a day.


J & L Pacific Lock & Key offers expert residential locksmith service. Call for lockouts, rekey, garage door service, and more 24 hours a day.


J & L Pacific Lock & Key offers expert commercial locksmith service. Call for lockouts, high security locks, cameras, and more 24 hours a day.


The level of difficulty involved in replacing a car key depends completely on unique circumstances of individual customers. Are you looking to copy an existing key just to have a spare? Well, how old is the vehicle? Many older cars and trucks can be started from keys that do not have chips in them! What does this mean for the customer? Bring the key to the shop and we can duplicate it for you no questions asked. Both keys will now start the vehicle.

Do you not have any key to copy? In other words, you lost your only key to the vehicle and need another one? There are multiple options, and again, the first thing to consider is whether or not the original key had a chip in it. If not, we highly suggest contacting the local dealership. There is a chance they can make you a key. A bonus is that you might be able to pick up the key without having your car towed there. Chances are, especially if the vehicle is older, that the dealership will not be able to help. However, we can! For older vehicles that have no working key, a professional automotive locksmith can actually change out the ignition and provide a key based on the new ignition. Here, you can find more information on ignition replacement!




Are you looking to make a copy of a high security key? Does the key have a transponder chip? Have you already ordered a blank online or do you need to use one of ours? These keys are much trickier to copy and require the use of specific technology in one of our custom designed locksmith vehicles. We can simply cut you a key that will work as a way to get inside the vehicle, but in order for the key to start the car, it must be carefully programmed and synced to your vehicle.

Did you lose the only key and don’t have any existing key to duplicate? We can still help out, but this requires us to be at the location of the vehicle. Chances are your car is a newer model, and one option is to contact your local dealership. However, most dealership require appointments set up days in advance. Moreover, they do not come to you but may require you to tow the vehicle to their location. J & L Pacific Lock & Key is a mobile key replacement & programming service. We come straight to your location for a minimal fee of $29 and perform the cutting & programming at a time that is convenient for you. The best part is we don’t require an appointment! Just call 1 (888) 257-9603 to have a technician head out there in a matter of minutes!


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