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J & L Pacific Lock & Key offers an extensive selection of safe services in addition to lock and key solutions. Are you looking to purchase a brand new safe for your home or business? We stock many many of the top brands, including Steelwater, Mesa Safes, Simplex, Cobalt, Hollon, Hayman Safes, Gardall, Amsec, and more! If you are looking for a particular make and/or model that you do not see at our store, then have us order it for you directly from our catalogue. We want to ensure that you get the exact service you want! Don’t settle for an alternate when we can get you what you seek.

We do more than sale safes. We also unlock, repair, and transport safes. Unlocking safes is a delicate task. We do our best to minimize damage done to the safe and/or contents of the safe; however, some safes are designed to be virtually impenetrable. We will never forcefully break into a safe without the consent of the owner. Safe repair is another service that varies from safe to safe. One of our professional technicians will evaluate the damage to your safe before determining what can be done to repair it.

Do you have a large safe that you want to safely move from one location to another? Our vans can accommodate almost any residential and commercial safe. Once we get on site, we will carefully secure the safe to our van before transporting it the new location. We can also assist with installing the safe whenever applicable.

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For the most part, residential safes can be placed into one of four categories: Fire Safes, Jewelry Safes, Gun Safes, & Burglary Safes (which can be standalone, mounted on a wall, or secured to the floor).

Fire safes are ideal for storing documents but are not as secure as some of the other safes. Moreover, they are typically standalone and often easy to steal. Because of this, J & L Pacific recommends keeping them unlocked. This may seem counterintuitive, but sense the contents of these safes only have personal value, a lock will make a potential thief more likely to take the safe. Burglary Safes are more secure than Fire Safes but are otherwise similar. They tend to be bigger, heavier, and harder to pick, making them a great option for many homeowners.

Gun Safes are the ideal option for keeping guns safely secured and out of reach of children or other people not trained to handle firearms. These come in all shapes and sizes. One of our specialists can help you pick out the ideal Gun Safe for your collection based on how many guns you own and what types of safe attributes you are interested in. Jewelry Safes are what most people think of when they think of the gorgeous, shining safes with large vault-like doors. Known for their security, size, and weight, jewelry safes are being seen in more and more homes as opposed to commercial buildings. The interior tends to have shelves and/or drawers in order to easily store jewelry and other valuable items.

The commercial application of safes typically requires more security than residential safes. However, many of the above safes are adequate in commercial settings as well. Examples of other types of commercial safes include bank vaults or the deposit safes (such as personal ones used by clients in a post office, hotel, or bank). Each type of safe has its commercial use, and many have residential uses as well. Head on over to J & L Pacific Lock & Key if you are interested in securing firearms, storing cash/valuable items, or simply protecting important documents.

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