Local Locksmith For Homes In Oregon

J&L Pacific Lock & Key is a 24 hour residential locksmith. Our locksmith shop in Medford is located at 628 Crater Lake Ave 97504. Our locksmith shop in Salem is located at 1223 Commercial St 97302, and lastly, our locksmith shop in Bend can be found at 501 NE Greenwood Ave #700 97701. All shops are open Monday – Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Mobile Services are available 24 hours a day.

Contact J & L Pacific Lock & Key to begin the first steps in making your home a more secure place for you and your family. For many people, our homes are the one place where we can let go of our day to day stresses and have some time to ourselves. However, this can be next to impossible if the security of the home is in question. We offer many residential locksmith services that can substantially increase the security of home owners and renters.

Our mobile services are available in Medford, Bend, & Salem (and the surrounding areas) 24 hours a day. It can be difficult letting a stranger into your home. Who wants to order a professional service only for the technician to arrive in an unmarked sedan. This is more than a little unnerving, and at J & L Pacific, all of our vehicles are marked with identifying information. Moreover, each vehicle is has been custom equipped with the proper tools to assist our locksmiths with residential services. If you are looking for a local, professional residential locksmith in Oregon, then J & L Pacific Lock & Key might just be the company to make your home feel a bit more homey.


Our 24 hour residential unlocking service is available up to 30 miles away from our shops. We travel throughout Bend, Salem, Medford, and more! Call 1 (888) 257-9603 to be let in your home, bathroom, pantry, bedroom, closet, etc.


Rekeying locks can be the quickest, most affordable way to increase security for your home. Don’t stress about lost keys or keys that may be in the wrong hands. We can rekey all of your locks so that only the new keys we provide will access them from now on!


Schedule an appointment or request lock replacement service now by calling 1 (888) 257-9603. J & L Pacific Lock & Key is trained to install brand new locks on one or more doors as well as replacing existing locks with ones of your choice. Ask about our wide selection.


J & L Pacific offers professional garage door service throughout the beautiful state of Oregon. Maintaining your garage door with routine services such as torsion/extension spring replacement and overall inspection is the best way to extend the life of your garage door and parts.

Some of the residential locksmiths services we offer in Oregon:

Standard Home Lockout Service

Unlock Bathrooms, Pantries, Closets, etc.

Complete Lock Rekey

Install New Locks

Repair Broken Locks

Security Systems

Alarm Systems

Garage Door Services

Let us know if any of the above services are what you are looking for. Also, please keep in mind that J & L Pacific Lock & Key is capable of performing all residential locksmith services in the industry. Tell us about your unique circumstances and ask about any services not mentioned above. We take pride in all of the jobs we complete, and we look forward to showing you why! Call today at 1 (888) 257-9603.

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