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Vehicle ownership is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, and because you’re spending so much on your car or truck, you want to keep it around as long as possible. For that very reason, it’s important to learn the truth about automotive security. Most people believe they have at least a basic understanding of the protections their vehicles afford them, but misconceptions are plentiful. To keep yourself and your vehicle safe, consider these truths behind some common auto security myths.

You Can’t Pick the Locks on a New Car

Most drivers are surprised to learn that their new vehicle’s locks can, in fact, be picked. Though today’s car keys may look state-of-the-art, and they come in various configurations, all can be picked. Though a skilled thief may use a variety of tools to get into a vehicle, most locks are picked by an automotive locksmith.

Slim Jims Can Be Used on Any Car

There are a few ways to use this tool, but it’s not the ‘master key’ some people believe it to be. At this stage in automotive manufacturing, slim jims have become essentially obsolete. To successfully use a slim jim to gain access to a vehicle, you’ll need a specific set of circumstances and a certain type of lock. Without training, an attempt to force a slim jim inside a door may damage the vehicle’s sensitive electronics and delicate wiring.

Only Luxury Cars Get Stolen

Car thieves are an opportunistic bunch, and they’re out to steal whatever they can. Therefore, the most frequently stolen vehicles are everyday models rather than luxury cars; those that sell the most get stolen the most as well. Besides their wide availability, there’s another benefit: owners’ indifference. However, not caring about your vehicle may increase the chances of theft. Average cars aren’t as likely to be traced and recovered, and it’s easy to strip them and sell the parts.

Old Vehicles are Easy to Get Into

Most car owners believe that the newer a car is, the harder it is to get into, but that’s not always true. Some older models have deadlocking features, which make it hard for an auto locksmith to gain entry. When compared with a run-of-the-mill new model, it’s easy to see how an older car with a deadlock is more secure.

Auto Alarms Yield Substantial Insurance Discounts

Having a pricey alarm on your vehicle may make you feel more secure every time you park, but it won’t do much (if anything) for your monthly auto insurance premium. Automotive theft is a pervasive problem, but in the auto insurance industry, it’s just one factor used to determine the cost of coverage. Theft is covered by the same policy provisions as fire, flooding, hail damage, and other perils. Though an alarm does a good job of deterring thieves, it does absolutely nothing to reduce other risks. Therefore, you won’t save much by having an alarm system installed.

Most of today’s vehicles come off the assembly line with some sort of security system. When your auto insurer has your VIN (vehicle identification number), they can typically tell if your car has a factory-installed alarm. Even if your car is older and didn’t come with an alarm from the factory, the cost of installing one will undoubtedly exceed any insurance discount you’ll receive. Having a car alarm is a good idea for various reasons, but saving on insurance isn’t one of them.

Your Car’s Door is Bulletproof

Let’s hope you never get into a situation where this information will apply, but just in case you do….remember that your car isn’t bulletproof! The notion that a car can be riddled with bullets while someone seeks shelter on the other side is a Hollywood myth. If you want your car doors to provide you with this type of security, you’ll need to do some customization.

Most drivers understand that their tires and windows will be destroyed by gunfire, but they don’t realize that their doors will fare no better. A bullet will quickly and easily pierce the door, traveling to the other side of the vehicle. It doesn’t have to be a large-caliber gun, either; a bullet as small as a .22 will penetrate a car’s door. Standard automobiles do not provide a baseline of protection, and in the event of gunfire, it’s best to seek shelter behind stone, steel, concrete, or earth.

In Conclusion

In terms of the myths people have heard about automobiles, the security they provide has been significantly exaggerated. Any automotive lock may be picked, but not all can be worked with a slim jim. Car thieves are more likely to take average and neglected cars than luxury and exotic models. Cars aren’t bulletproof, and an alarm won’t lower your insurance rate by much. With the truths behind these misconceptions, you can take steps to make your car more secure, or at least use it in ways that take into account its vulnerabilities. For more help and advice on keeping your car safe and secure, call an automotive locksmith in Salem Oregon today.

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