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10 Reasons to Get New Keys Made in Medford Oregon

A non-functional lock isn’t just a hassle; it can leave your home vulnerable to intrusion and burglary. While most of our customers call us to change their locks, the reasons behind those changes aren’t clear to some.

Below, you’ll learn the most common reasons for services:

Lost and Stolen Keys

It’s very frustrating to lose your keys, and when you don’t have a spare, the situation gets even worse. This poses a serious security risk, and to protect your home or business, you’ll have to change the locks and get new keys made. Even if you later find your keys, there’s no way to guarantee that copies weren’t made. By replacing or re-keying the locks, you can rest assured that no one will gain unauthorized access to your home.

After a Burglary

Burglaries and home invasions are very unfortunate incidents, and in many cases, criminals tamper with or damage the home’s locks. In these cases, it’s crucial to change everything as soon as possible after the event. By replacing everything, you’re making your home safer and more secure.

Firing an Employee

Though we’re proud to serve Medford’s homeowners, we love helping local business owners as well. If you’ve recently had to let an employee go, and that person had the keys to your building, consider changing the locks right away. While not every dissatisfied employee will act out of spite and revenge, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A Roommate Moves Out

Although most roommates are trustworthy, that’s not always the case, and sometimes people make copies of keys without the owner’s knowledge. If someone has recently moved out of your home, think about getting your locks changed or re-keyed.

Giving Keys to Service Providers

Though it’s not the safest thing to do, in some cases, people give their keys to installers, repair technicians, and other service providers so they can do the job when no one is home. Most of the time, these people are trustworthy, and they remember to give the keys back when the job is done. However, if you don’t get them back, be sure to change everything!

Old, Rusty, and Broken Locks

Years of wear and tear may cause a lock to rust, making it difficult to open. It’s important to look for signs of deterioration and to change the locks as early as possible, to prevent a lockout. Not only can we do everything for you, but we can also recommend rust-proof coatings and finishes that protect your locks from premature wear and tear.

Moving In

Have you just moved to Medford? If so, changing your home’s locks is a great way to ensure its continued security. After all, the previous homeowner may still have access, and you never know how many copies were made. Replacing everything will serve as a reset button that keeps the previous owner from gaining entry into your home.

The Locks Haven’t Been Changed for Years

Every year, technological advances make locks safer and more reliable than they were before. Changing everything is a simple, yet effective way to update your home and make it more secure. Call us today to learn how we can help!

Eviction or Repossession

Unfortunately, homeowners and renters sometimes fall behind on their payments. If you’re a landlord, it’s important to protect your assets by having a non-paying tenant removed. Oregon’s laws make it easy to regain possession of your house, but even if you have a court order, it’s impossible to tell what the tenant may do. By re-keying your locks, you can keep a vengeful tenant from getting in and doing further damage to your property.

Separation or Divorce

Sometimes, re-keying your locks will help you keep out those you once let in. In cases of divorce or legal separation, restraining orders are sometimes involved, and changing your locks becomes even more important. Call us today to learn how we can help you move on after a messy separation.

Buying a New-Construction Home

If you’ve recently bought a newly built home, you may think you’re safe from unauthorized entry, but that’s not always true. Some builders key neighboring homes with a single master key, which makes sense for them, but puts you at risk. To keep construction workers, salespeople, and home inspectors from enjoying continued access to your home, change everything when moving in.

In Conclusion

Though your home’s locks are designed to keep you safe, if you haven’t retained possession of your keys at all times, you’re at risk. By changing everything out, you’re taking an important step toward greater safety and increased security. Call us today for fast, efficient, 24/7 locksmith services in your area.

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