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Top Reasons Why You May Need the Services of a Locksmith in Ashland Oregon

We have all at some point done it. Locked our home, office or business keys in the house or in the car. Anyone who has been in this situation will tell you that it is in no way fun. But regardless of how cautious we may be, we still find it happening. If you lock your keys inside your automobile, you will in no doubt be in need of our professional locksmith services. 

Regardless of whether you have locked the keys in your house or in the car, you will need us to come with our expertise and professional tools to get you out of your current predicament. Locking yourself out can be embarrassing, but calling us to come help you regain access can help you save time. 

The following are instances where you may need our professional input: 

1. Damaged Locks

Imagine this scenario. You have woken up at the crack of dawn to get to work by 09:00 AM which is when your business opens. By 08:45 you have arrived and are ready to get started. But as soon as you place the key into the door’s keyhole, you quickly come to the realization that your office door lock is either damaged or broken. 

Or maybe it is a safe or padlock that you typically use to hold all your valuable business assets and documents which has for some reason become damaged or rusted. If you find yourself in any of the above situations it will be wise to call us to come and help you access the safe or your business premises. 

2. Keys Locked Inside a Residence

As a professional locksmith company, this is one scenario that we are accustomed to dealing with on a regular basis. Often, it comes about when you are about to leave your home in a hurry, trying to grab everything you will need during the day before running out to a function or to the office. 

As you are running around in haste, you opt to lock the door handle from the interior not realizing that you have left your keychain in the house. And this is the keychain holding both your house and car keys. Given that you had already locked the lock from the inside, it essentially means that you are locked from your house as well as your car. 

3. Reprogramming of Your Transponder Key

A transponder key basically comprises of a code transmitter that has been installed in your car key. The transmitter will normally send a particular code to your vehicle ignition. Once sent, the two will recognize the transmitted code and the vehicle will then start. 

There are instances where the code from your ignition and the transmitter may fail to communicate in the correct manner. This will call for the reprogramming of that transponder. The reprogramming can only be carried out by a professionally certified locksmith. 

4. Keys Locked Inside Your Vehicle

This is one mistake that is even easier to commit as opposed to locking the keys in your home. Oftentimes you will pull up at a friend’s house or at a storefront to grab some groceries and leave the vehicle engine running. Many people do this with the sole aim of going inside for a few minutes before dashing out. 

However, you may find that by the time you are coming back, the doors have somehow locked themselves. This means that you will be left with a running engine with your keys locked in the car. It is one of the most uncomfortable scenarios that you can ever find yourself in, as it means that you cannot leave the scene until it is resolved. It is one of those situations where you will quickly need to get in touch with a professional and competent mobile locksmith. 

5. Lost Key Made

All individuals will at some point in their lives misplace or lose their keys. The keys can easily get lost in the grass in your backyard, in your cushions, or be mistakenly run through your laundry. It is, therefore, always smart to make sure that you have access to an extra set of keys. 

You can give the extra set to your significant other or even place it somewhere safe and outsight of sight, e.g., hang it on a wall or leave it in a drawer. This makes it easier for you to make a replacement copy in case the original ones go missing. 

6. Re-Coding Electronic Keypad Locks

It is normal to have an electronic keypad installed on the main access doors whenever you become concerned about the security of your home. These types of locks will normally require you to enter a certain preset code for the front door to open. 

As such, you may find yourself needing to have the lock re-coded because someone else chanced upon it, or as a way of enhancing your home security. For this reason, you will need to speak to a certified locksmith. This is because the steps to be followed are often complicated for someone who has not received proper training. 

We Also offer the following in house services:

  • •Replace Locks
  • •Rekey Lock
  • •Broken Key Replacement
  • •Lock Replacements
  • •Key Duplication
  • •Locks Rekeyed
  • •New Locks And Keys

J & L Pacific Lock & Key services is your answer for affordable locksmiths ashland or if you ever find yourself faced with any kind of lock repairs or any of the scenarios mentioned above. We are located at 628 Crater Lake Avenue in Medford, OR. We are available five days a week (Monday to Friday) and operate from 09:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Our mobile services are, however, available twenty-four hours a day. We can come to your vehicle, business, or home upon request. You can reach us on (541) 930-8363! Outside of serving Ashland, we are also proudly serving Medford, White City, Grants Pass, Talent, Phoenix, and more!

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