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Locksmith Services in Salem

We provide 24-hour locksmith services for commercial and residential customers in Salem, Oregon, and also in our service area that has a 30-mile radius around Salem. Our locksmiths understand the emotional crisis for a customer who has accidentally locked a car door or a house door while the keys are inside the car or house. You could have been distracted by a family pet when you were putting some shopping bags inside a car or when you were cooking a family meal on a gas grill on a patio.

Carry Extra Keys to Control Problems from Locks

You should carry an extra key for your car door or house door, such as inside a jacket pocket, when you are outside your car or home because you or another person could accidentally lock the door. A small child could accidentally lock a front door from inside a home and then may be unable to reach the doorknob to unlock the door.

Duplicate Keys from Locksmiths

We can unlock your locks and can make several duplicate keys for you to help to control the problem. With a duplicate key inside your pocket, you could easily unlock a lock if you have accidentally locked your house door, car door or car trunk. Some keys have special features and may only be available from a car dealership. If you have four duplicate keys for a special key, then you could store a duplicate key in several convenient places, such as inside a desk drawer and a kitchen closet.

Precautions for Locksmiths to Control Life-Threatening Situations for Customers

We should be told about safety concerns when you phone our office. If a child or other person is trapped inside a car or home, our technicians will use special precautions to ensure that your child or other family member will be safe while we provide emergency services. We could also phone the police to request a higher level of emergency services to quickly help a child who cannot open a car door.

Child Safety Concerns for Locksmiths

A child has a much lower tolerance for extreme heat or cold than an adult, which is a serious problem. If a small child is trapped inside a car, then the child could experience a life-threatening problem while you are waiting for a locksmith. We can help you to make a decision about the problem, such as helping you with advice about phoning the police for a life-threatening situation.

Problems from Locks that Require Keys on Both Sides of the Lock

Some locks require that a customer must use a key to lock and to also unlock the lock on both sides of the lock. The safety features for the lock are especially important for a door that has a window. A burglar could not unlock the door after breaking the window, but you would have other problems because you could be trapped inside the house without a key for the lock. 

Problems for Passengers Trapped on the Rear Seat of a Car

Many cars have a feature for preventing a child from unlocking the rear doors. The safety feature could also cause an inconvenience for a person who is sitting on a rear seat and who wants to unlock a front door. A person who uses a wheelchair could be trapped inside a car because he or she cannot reach the locking mechanism for a front door from the rear seat.

Problems from Automatic Locking Features for Doors

There are advantages and also disadvantages from using doors that have a feature for automatically locking the door when you close the door. A popular advantage is the enhanced safety factor for exit doors that will be automatically locked when the door has been closed. Most customers should avoid installing an automatic locking feature for a house door or a car door because there can be several potential problems.

Professional and Residential Locksmiths In Salem

Our locksmiths can unlock a lock on your car door, car trunk, house door or garage door. We also provide commercial services, such as for master keys and for biometric systems. Our technicians can give you important information about some methods to use to control problems, such as having several duplicate keys for a special key, which may not be conveniently available from a locksmith. We focus on customer satisfaction for our locksmith services for commercial and residential customers in Salem, Oregon, and also in our service area that has a 30-mile radius around Salem.

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Salem Oregon Locksmith

Additional services we provide include:

  • Commercial locksmith services
  • Mobile locksmith services
  • Automotive locksmith services
  • Key copies made in house
  • Certified locksmith technician on call 24-7 in Salem
  • Deadbolts installed for home or office
  • Lock replacements of all shapes and sizes
  • On site key replacement in Salem
  • Replacement car keys made
  • Locks rekeyed
  • Lock installations in home, commercial, or auto in Salem
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