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Affordable Locksmiths In Medford OR

If you need an unlocking service, you probably know that you can trust and call on us. We also offer a full mobile locksmith service in case you are out and need help on the road. We also deliver straight to your home with a full residential locksmith service. We service auto lockouts, business lockouts and we offer safe unlocks as well. We also offer other services when you need it most. We are experts in master key installation, ignition key repairs, garage door servicing and safe installation to name a few. 


Discovering a locksmith locally that you can trust can be tough. A lot of it is trial and error, but let us tell you how we care about you and your home and workplace enough to do a good job of assessing your needs. We provide you with the security you need. That’s why you contact a locksmith in the first place. You want a lock system that addresses your concerns and works the first time and every time. That’s true at just about every level, whether it’s your place of business, your automobile, your home or the special types of locks in home and business. 

The Search 

You might want to adjust your search for a locksmith a company that considers you less as a number to one that sees you as a customer with legitimate security issues. It’s much more of a comprehensive approach that will zero in on your security needs and how we can deliver the very best service. If you need one key to open a hundred doors, you need a technician who can install a master key system quickly and efficiently. It can be literally hundreds of locks and it takes a professional’s know-how. 

Ignition Issues 

Ignition repair isn’t any less of an issue. With a wealth of experience, it’s easier to fix the problems that arise in a vehicle when the key breaks off or the ignition otherwise doesn’t work. Who wants to suffer a tow truck’s charge when an alternative is as close as a phone call? Our service is so much faster than contacting your car dealership for a replacement key. We can replace the ignition if it is finished. In stressful situations like a vehicle key problem, we provide superior service. If the key needs chip reprogramming, you’re in better shape with our service. 

Garage Security 

Garage door service is really about preventive maintenance, and it’s usually not as complicated as ignition repair, but consider how vulnerable garage doors are to break-ins. As you can imagine, a garage door has many moving parts. The garage door breaks down because the parts wear out, so a routine inspection is a ticket to a safe and secure garage door. The various parts need replacing as the garage door gets old. Replacing springs, runners and even vertical tracks all contribute to the overall security of your garage. 

One Too Many Keys 

The lock re-key service can be especially useful when we’ve distributed keys to so many friends, relatives or employees. It is simply the only want to completely guarantee the security of the building. It’s also the fast and most affordable way to deal with the problem. After a lock re-key, you can be certain that the keys we give you are the only keys that can access your building. 


When it comes to safes in the home or business, nothing does a better job than an extensive number of brand-name safes we can provide through our safe showcase services. Steelwater, Mesa Safes, Simplex, Cobalt, Hollon, Hayman Safes, Gardall and Amsec are the highly regarded names we stock, and we can order any other safe name if you want it. When you want a specific safe make and model, we’re not going to suggest a substitute. We’re going to get you the safe you prefer. When you need a safe opened or serviced, our first concern is that you, the owner, knows the extent of the work required to open or service a safe, and a detailed explanation of what that entails. We will never do anything to your safe without permission. We have experienced movers if you want to move your safe from one site to another. 

Lock Repair 

We do in-shop repair to your locks when they need servicing. You can rest assured that your building will be secure while we repair your locks. We also take care not to harm your locks during the repair process. We can access any part of your home or business that needs the locks serviced whether it’s bathrooms and pantries at home or office spaces at work. We’re capable of performing any residential lock service that comes up. No job is too big or small. 

Security Cameras 

Our service also includes alarm systems and security cameras. Consider how significantly your security could be beefed up with an outdoor or indoor camera security system. Would you benefit from an alarm system? Most people don’t realize how complicated these systems can be, and finding a professional service technician who can install and maintain them is a real asset. Browse through our offerings of security cameras and alarm systems and feel free to ask if you have any questions. 

Additional professional locksmith services we offer include:

  • lock installations
  • business security
  • broken key extraction
  • hour mobile
  • lock change
  • car keys
  • key fobs
  • door lock
  • change locks

When your security needs are considered and addressed by a professional, experienced local locksmith service, you will be able to tell the difference. In your day to day life, it is so much better to live in a safe and secure world. At Pacific J & L Lock and Key in Medford Oregon, we deliver the best service. Call about our services today at (541) 930-8363.

Also, be sure to ask about our locally owned commercial locksmith services that are reasonably priced with the customer in mind. Proudly serving Medford and the surrounding areas.

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